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Werewolf Radar

Jun 14, 2021

EP 158 - UFO Watchtower, The Ruskington Horror, A brief History of Ghosts

Werewolf Radar here to give you what you need to survive the week. Paranormal forces are inbound and we have the hottest tips for your survival. Ghost, monsters, and otherworldly creatures are no match for Werewolf Radar! We are Werewolf Radar Paranormal-Comedy Podcast.

In This Episode:

Jordan opens the doors of perception with what really happened during his trip to the UFO Watchtower. Last week a mysterious Sandstorm swallowed Jordan whole but he made it through unscathed. We go over the history and personality of Colorado's UFO home. 

Nate teaches us of The Ruskinton Horror. In Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, there is a place many people have seen a strange being on the side of the road. Is the ghostly entity trying to save people or claim their souls!?

Roger gives us the facts on the history of ghosts. Have humans been dealing with ghosts for our entire civilization? The answer is yes and it is a fascinating jump into the waters of history.

Werewolf Radar is a Paranormal Preparedness (and Comedy) podcast. Give it a listen. It'll change your life, it changed Bigfoots.


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Thanks to Chuck Coffey for our snappy little theme song, and, as always: Punch the sky, Spaceman Joe!