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Werewolf Radar

Jun 2, 2021

Grave Nugget 73 - Mummy Curses That Have Killed

We at Werewolf Radar often joke about mummies but the truth of the matter is that mummies have killed. They are not the innocent dead portrayed by academia! They are the monsters portrayed in Hollywood.

In This Episode:

The Crew talks about mummies and the curses that have killed people involved in their discovery. Throughout the history of archeology, there have been tales of mysterious deaths surrounding the finding of many mummies; pharaohs, priests, and commoners. Get ready to prepare yourself!

Grave Nuggets are tasty bits of paranormal information to get you through the week. If a ghost, monster, or alien is causing you trouble the hard-working crew of Werewolf Radar is here for you!


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Thanks to Chuck Coffey for our snappy little theme song, and, as always: Punch the sky, Spaceman Joe!