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Werewolf Radar

May 31, 2021

EP 156 - Superstitions and the Qareen

Shut your bunker door and get ready for another Werewolf Radar! We got the paranormal preparedness tip you need to survive your day...and night. Whether there is an angry black-eyed kid or even a Jake Paul on Mr. Hyde drugs.   There are forces of the unknown out there; don't leave home without a Werewolf Radar, today!

In this Episode:

Jordan goes deep into the waters of superstition. He finds a number of ancient and modern superstitions to make your own fears seem a lot more rational. Throw some salt over your shoulder for us. We are going breaking mirrors. 

Nate stays in the Arabian Peninsula for more information on the types of Jinn. This week we talk about the Qareen. It is the little devil on your shoulder telling you to steal that baby's candy. It is a snitch of a spirit that is going to sell you out to the judge in the afterlife!

Roger talks about the recent news story of a woman's call to police claiming her neighbor sent a ghost to haunt her. 

Werewolf Radar is a Paranormal Preparedness (and Comedy) podcast. Give it a listen. It'll change your life, it changed Bigfoots.


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Thanks to Chuck Coffey for our snappy little theme song, and, as always: Punch the sky, Spaceman Joe!