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Werewolf Radar

Jun 9, 2021

Grave Nugget 75 - Does Bigfoot Murder For Weed?

Werewolf is here again to help you survive the night. Mad scientist Elon Musk is up to his old tricks forcing his engineers to open portals to unknown dimensions, but worry not! We will provide the tips you need to survive the paranormal forces unleashed by evil people. 

In this savory Grave Nugget, Werewolf Radar discusses the violent side of Bigfoot and if sasquatch was responsible for a string of murders in the Emerald Triangle of California. While some point to the recent documentary 'Sasquatch' as evidence that it is just cartel turf wars, other incidents point to a much more aggressive bigfoot than pictured in mainstream media. 

Grave Nuggets are tasty bits of paranormal information to get you through the week. If a ghost, monster, or alien is causing you trouble the hard-working crew of Werewolf Radar is here for you!


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Thanks to Chuck Coffey for our snappy little theme song, and, as always: Punch the sky, Spaceman Joe!