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Werewolf Radar

Jun 30, 2021

Grave Nugget 78 - The Reptilian Catacombs Beneath Los Angeles

Werewolf Radar hitting the Reptilians hard this week. We got another episode about the lizard people under the streets of Los Angeles. LA Is in trouble and only the information contained in this Grave Nugget can keep you safe!

In This Nugget:

We go even deeper under the ground of Los Angeles to find an ancient race of people evolved from reptiles, maybe even dinosaurs. We go over the evidence and make wild speculations on the future of Human-reptile relations in the city of angels. Get ready for all the LA reptilian news you can handle!

Grave Nuggets are tasty bits of paranormal information to get you through the week. If a ghost, monster, or alien is causing you trouble the hard-working crew of Werewolf Radar is here for you!


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Thanks to Chuck Coffey for our snappy little theme song, and, as always: Punch the sky, Spaceman Joe!